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Originally Posted by Off Duty View Post
Agreed, but by the same token, how difficult could it have been for the authorities to confirm that the vessels they were "raiding", "boarding" or "seizing", were not in compliance BEFORE seizing the boats and creating such a P.R. nightmare?
To be fair here I have not read any of the sensationalized media reports. My only information was from a couple of folks in one of the marinas. They said nothing about "raiding" or "boarding". Seizures where procedural due to no TIP on file with the Port Captain or prominently displayed aboard the vessel as prescribed on the TIP.

One couple was asleep aboard their rather small sailboat and awoke to find the seizure notice on their boat a few hours later. That's some real stealthy raiding and boarding tactics where people can sleep through it.

Perhaps Larry can confirm that as he has been there on his current boat recently and seems to have a TIP in his possession.

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