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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
What many seem to have missed is that unlike in this country, the "violators" were not arrested, were not charged with a crime, and their property was not chained to the dock or impounded. They were not prevented from using their boats.

The process was an administrative one, pay the fee or you will lose your property.

Don't let the fanatics over in the Dark Side color the discussion with their self righteous hatred and fear.
Thanks RickB
That answers my previous question and clarifies matters greatly.

Short of having a weapon pointed in my face or going to jail, the rest of this horse crap is just crap! It's administrative, paperwork!
Go take care of the paperwork, pay the ransom as my attorney calls this kind of crap, and move on. It's that simple.

While I'm not an advocate for frivolous lawsuits, sometimes the government needs to be slapped around a little to "help" them realize that "we the people" are not going to allow ineptitude of this magnitude to exist unchecked. And when it does happen, it will cost, and on occasion jobs

There should be some sort of compensation, be it monetarily, constructively (maybe a waiver of the "tax" for the next few visits?), or at a minimum, a letter of apology from someone North of a clerk, for the error, to the boat owners and their guests.

Unfortunately, considering where this occurred, I doubt ANY of the boat owners who were inconvenienced, had their vessels "IMPROPERLY" seized, or were cost money due to the piss poor handling by the Mexican officials who failed to note that the tax had been paid (per the article), will ever be able to get restitution or satisfaction from the Mexican government.

Just sayin'...

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