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I used to enjoy going to Mexico with my family. Anymore I'm just not interested. The "corruption" wasn't such a large problem for me. Unlike the U.S., at least there as in other parts of the Caribbean, it's pretty much up front. Just figure out who and what to pay and be done with it.

The crime problem and their inability to control it, is what's keeps me from taking my family back. It's the same thing that keeps me from taking my family certain places in the U.S. While I will go alone on business, I won't risk the families safety. And with their arse backward stance on weapons and self defense (again, similar to some parts of our own country), it's not likely I'm going to reconsider visiting any time soon. Too many other places less problematic (IMHO) to visit.

While it certainly could have been avoided by some common sense on both sides, the "raid" sounds more like some politico got their panties in a wad, and decided to make an "example" of these "tax avoiding scofflaws." Unfortunately, it also sounds like they had their heads up their posteriors in the planning stage, and failed to do their homework before launching such a ridiculous effort. Of course, we (the U.S.) would never do such a thing, right?.

"Guns" are part of the standard issue for most LEO's and Military organizations, so the fact that they were "armed" doesn't concern me.
Now, if they hit the place like a Meth Lab, that would be a different story.

Did anyone go to jail over this?
If not, then it's a minor inconvenience in a still 3rd world part of our big round ball. Just another shitty day in paradise I guess?

Frankly, I'm more concerned by the increase in federal raids here in the good old U.S. of A., conducted by the knuckle draggers form various (and at times relatively obscure) agencies, as well as our own out of control IRS!

I guess the bottom line is, if you're going to go, pay the tax, grease the palms of Who The F*** ever, and enjoy another cerveza!

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