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Hmmm.....everyone is quick to judge and condemn the Mexican authorities but when it comes out that those vessels seized neglected to pay the proper fees-nothing. Are they still lawless crooks and thieves? Some listees think not. Can hardly wait for the next "bad guy" report....
Reminds me a bit of the Bahamian fee increase a few years back. How dare the Bahamian government charge for the rape of their waters! I've personally seen a center console boat loaded with conch (hard to estimate but could easily have been 2000+) over in Bimini for the weekend and heading back to the good old US of A to sell the "catch". Saw another sport fish over for a week-ends fishing with over 100 Mahi. They gave most away and dumped the rest. The $300 fee hopefully has cut down on that type of thing.
I suspect there will be fewer $70 no-pays in Mexico in the next little while.
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