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Spending Time in Mexico

Back in 2006 we spent six months driving back and forth from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico (75 miles each way) to check on our boat which we kept at two different marina's. We took the boat at least twice a month fishing and whale watching. Those six months represented some the best times we ever had boating with the trawlers. While the bad press with the drug dealers hurt the country over the past few years I can advise many southern California new boat owners still took their boats south for tax purposes and I never heard of anyone being harassed during that period. Regarding the tax issue, my limited research shows it is in part an error by the Mexican government on how they performed the inspections and are trying to correct things. As others posted I'm sure if we didn't pay our taxes on our boats the US Government wouldn't ask twice before seizing the boat.

For what it is worth we plan to take N3522 La Tempestad south this summer to Ensenada, Mexico to enjoy the culture, great people, food and coastline cruising. Will we double check the paperwork requirements - sure bet.

John T.
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