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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
We spent over 4.5 years in Mexico on 2 different boats last leaving in 2011. Of all the countries we have been to, Mexico is one of our favorites for cruising. Between the culture, the people and the food it's hard to beat. Corruption? Sure it's there but so is it here in the US. We were never been asked for mordita by the way. Safe? Depends on where you go? There aren't to many cities in the US I would into at 3 am Sunday morning. Because of some governmental sub-agency, it's to bad Mexico is in the lime light for something this stupid. I'm done.
Great post!.. as always everybody can and will put their own spin on each situation.

I have been to Mexico countless times and never had a issue.. definitely I have NEVER been treated as bad as I have by the U.S. Customs!

I know some people have been wrongly accused by this sting ( Richard Spindler of Latitude 38 for one ) BUT... there are also a LOT of ex pats living down there that do their best to do as little as possible and really take advantage of Mexico.. so this doesn't surprise me too much

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