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Dave, a good deep cycle 4D battery usually runs about 125 pounds, still heavier than I want to lift. They are also about 20% less amp hour capacity than an 8D.

Oliver, In your case where there is a crane and access for two men, there is no reason for the 1/2 8D. There are a lot of boats where the batteries need to be carried aboard by hand and put into the battery box by one man. A friend of mine had to replace his Lifeline 8D batteries on his big Buddy Davis. The boat was in the Bahamas and he had to fly them over in his airplane. He is seventy something years old and had to load them into the plane without help. When he got them to the boat, he hired a BIG local to put them in the boxes. 1/2 8Ds would have made his project a lot easier.
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