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Lubricity Study

RickB wrote:
What is even more amazing is the continued refusal to*accept that finer tolerances make a modern fuel pump more susceptible to scuffing damage from low lubricity than the relatively loose tolerances of older engines. The finer tolerances of modern engines and the higher loading of parts that require fuel for lubrication make them far more liable to damage from poor lubricity than older engines such as your Lehman.
I don't*argue this at all.* It's just common sense.* But given what I was told today about the advances of metallurgy and how they can affect engine design, I suspect that the advances in metals is what has allowed the tighter tolerances in modern diesels since the more modern materials can stand up to the*increased*heat, higher loading, and reduced fuel lubricity without damage.

This same advancement is obvious in aircraft engines.* The JT3s of the 707 era*are a far cry from today's GE-90s and 115s even though the basic theory of operation is unchanged.* It's kind of a chicken and egg thing--- we're always*learning more about how to design engines to be more powerful and efficient, but our design ideas won't work unless the materials we use to build them*keep pace with what is being asked of them.


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