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RE: Lubricity Study

RickB wrote:

All I am asking anyone to do is go to the source. Ask your engine manufacturer if it requires the use of any aftermarket fuel additive to maintain the warranty or obtain performance specifications.

That's a naive statement since the manufacturer of the Lehman Dover and Dorset engines are no longer around.* Ford of England is still around, but nobody there is going to know (or care) diddly squat about those ancient powerplants.* It'd be like asking De Havilland of Canada anything technical about the Beaver or the Otter.* They barely even acknowledge making those two planes today, and they will not provide any technical specifications about them at all (I've been involved in commercial efforts to try to get some).* To the DHC corporate mind, those products no longer exist.* This notion that companies retain all this great information about their old, long-out of production products is, for the most part, a myth.* So forget getting any useful information from the manufacturers about old Ford, Perkins, etc. engines.

You remind me of Steve D'Antonio in that your only focus is on engines that have warranties, have recent manufacturing and testing data, and so on.* So Steve's operating and servicing advice is all based on what he views as the only technology out there.* And for his perception of the marine world, he's right.* But those aren't the engines I'm concerned about.* I'm concerned about prolonging the life of engines that were designed in the 1950s using 1940s technology, metallurgy, and operating philosophies.

You're asking us-- or at least me--- to dismiss the knowledge and experience of a half-dozen or so people who have made their living designing, servicing, rebuilding and otherwise dealing with these generations of marine diesels for decades in favor of what you--- a total unknown to me--- happens to believe.* I'm not saying you're wrong--- I have no basis for saying that.* But by the same token, I have no basis for dismissing as wrong what a whole bunch of other people who, based on what I have gleaned of your experience, are every bit as knowledgeable and experienced as you and very possibly more so, have told me.* In this particular situation, I'm going to stick with the advice from the very experienced majority since I have not heard anything convincing from you with regard to the only kind of engines I care about to change my mind.

I'm not interested in what the warranty requirements of new Cats of NL engines say.* I'm not interested in what the warranties or operational data of "pre-1998" engines say because there's a big difference between what I think you mean by "pre-1998" and 1940-50.

You're welcome to regard this as ignorance if you wish.* I regard it as "paying attention" to the people who know.

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