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Comments on livability?

I have a 38 Bayliner now and I am pretty happy with it. I am thinking of a 42-44 Jefferson, Present, Ponderosa, Tradewinds or similar. I really like the interior joinery and extra space of an enclosed hard top sundeck. I know there will be a difference docking, but for my own marina, extra deck height is a substantial help rather than a hindrance. There are lots in my price range and I am reasonably comfortable I can distinguish good from bad with both my own experience and that of multitudes of other owner/posters. What I have never seen much on is the difference in livability so I am hoping a former Bayliner owner who has made the same transition might chime in.

Here is my quandary. I have knees that have seen better days. I can appreciate the differences in the Bay vs.say MT layout but although the change might help my knees, I am less comfortable predicting this issue compared to mechanical ones .

I find my boat not so much difficult but, over a season, perhaps wearing. As examples, there are about four trip hazards or height changes to go down the narrow hallway from the bedroom to the guest head. BTW it is a real bear to work inside the hallway hatch. The stairs from the kitchen to the salon are not bad as they are wider and more consistent but the drop off from the salon to the cockpit is not my favourite. As well the ladder to the bridge is not so nice on regular days but much worse in rough water.

I know a Sundeck model mostly operates like a split level with fewer, more well defined steps in between. I will probably make the move with or without any knee advantage but am quite curious if things might get better it could speed me up a bit. Comments? TIA
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