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Our boat has the 270hp turbo versions. Between the previous owner and I they have not had a single hiccup in 12 years with normal maintenance. I can push our boat to 14k if I want ( I rarely do) and most of the time I just run about 8-9K. At 1350 RPM I run about 7K and at 1600 I run in the 8's. She really purrs at 3000 rpm but I rarely run her like that. I hold my breath when she starts to wind out. I have 39XX hours on the port engine and 35XX on the starboard engine. The port engine has the fishing valve on the tranny so I use that when we fish. Hence the more hours.

To answer your question:
We pull our 450 lb 16' dinghy everywhere we go. Last season I put 100 hours on the 7.5 Onan genset, 105 hours on the port engine and 98 hours on the starboard engine. I put 900 gallons in the boat. I am not very smart with those math type items but I would give that about a 9 GPH overall usage. I have been told that is pretty good overall usage by others but I am happy with that usage for 3 original diesels that start every time I go to the boat.

With that said, parts are expensive. I am dreading some maintenance on cooling parts, exhaust elbows, etc. coming up. To change the raw water impeller you have to stand on your head and bolt the water pump in place. There is no adjustment. I paid a mechanic to do it and with belts it was a boat buck.

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