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In all the cruising yachts I've been involved in since my first large boat venture, Florida Bay Coasters, to the present day, we have ONLY installed AC refrigerators, from 5 cubic feet through 21 CF, run on inverters (Heart , Trace , Xantrex , Outback).

I find the design, engineering, efficiency and up-scale interiors of modern, mass-produced refrigerators superior to the RV/marine DC units ( which seem to be locked in a time-warp in the '70s). Ditto stand alone ice makers.

Only recently has my thinking advanced to running fridges and ALL AC installations 24/7 on inverted power.

With a small dedicated inverter for fridge only with other AC needs coming from shore or generator, I see no I advantage in not having a transfer switch for the fridge. May add to the life of the batteries , too?
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