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Top Five Trawler Buying Mistakes

I have only read the first one so far and going to have to disagree(respectfully). This is the single biggest mistake all people make with ANY boat and the reason why this country is filled with marinas full of boats that go nowhere. You even prove my point in that the boat that you so aggressively researched and tested caused you to have to "reshape" your objectives with her. I guess what I am disagreeing with is when you say it is the "easiest to avoid"....."with research and actual experience". *That "actual experience" develops over the span of a lifetime...not just a 2 hour sea trial on a boat. *It is the reason we all sell boats and buy other boats. *My current boat I have now I knew wasn't THE boat....but it was a segment that I wanted to experience. *That "experience" comes at a fairly high price. *You have owned TWO you know exactly what I am talking about. *That was not cheap experience and it is not something anybody can acquire by reading a book. *Anyway, the underlying theme for most of your 5 points are what I am talking about. *And I will certainly agree with getting the Admiral's approval. *That one is absolutely essential!!!(this is an edit and I have now read all 5)

Anyway, boats represent the dreams of the buyer. The more realistic those dreams are, the more likely the boat will be used. Usually, expectations and reality are pretty far apart and that is why we see so many boats just sit and rot before our very eyes. They are the unfullfilled dreams of somebody.

Edit: I have now read all 5 and edited the above post.

Thanks for posting and hope you don't a little discussion....

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