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We plan to base out of Annapolis or very near there. Mission is the first thing I considered in starting the boat search process. We want a place where we can spent about 60% of our life on board for 6 months or more. Multiple day cruises around various spots on the. Chesapeake Bay are the plan. Sometimes, I need to be within a days travel of Annapolis since I'm still working part time and may need to head to BWI. We want to do some longer voyages and may do the ICW in a year or three since we have reasons to go to FL. We're looking at a number of boats this weekend and just want to get on some of these to begin the process. I'm stuck with the "older with more issues but lower acquisition cost vs. Newer and slightly fewer issues". We're looking in the $50 - $125k range. I don't want to get up any higher.
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