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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
You read about it????

I have an old (73) Buick that I bought about 14 years ago and the guy covered the whole car w ArmorAll. Actually I'm only 95% sure it's ArmorAll. But 10 years later the water beads up on the car everywhere. At hwy speeds the water beads up in very small drops and runs across the windshield. At rest drops on the hood can be 1/2" in dia. The effect is still strong.
Anyway I noticed it and thought if it can stay on the car at hwy speeds for all those years it may stay on the prop.
Been putting it on ever since and my prop stays clean. You must realize that in the cold Alaskan waters fowling takes place much slower than places like Florida. I don't remember much fowling before I started using the ArmorAll either so the effects may to quite likely be minimal.
To apply I wipe it on w a rag w several coats as heavy as I can. And I wash the prop w Acetone or MEK before application.
TY Eric - Now I recall you posting that about your Buick some time ago. I'm going to purchase some ArmorAll liquid and begin testing on various items' different surafces. Your reports are notable of ongoing results.
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