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she can punch through the 15mph current of the Niagara River heading into Lake Erie. Nice to have the extra power when you need it.

The world dosnt work that way , as noted above .

Many times either the add dept picks the power level or the purchasing folks.

Wonder why there are so many Volvo powered boats?

The engines are frequently priced to be the lowest cost to OEM , who hardly care about maint costs after the boat is sold.

Most all 40-45 ft displacement boats that require smaller engines find the locker almost bare of 75 to 100HP heavy duty engines.
The 75 HP JD Jap marinization is too pricy for most entry level boats.

So they will go for auto rated taxi or farm equipment lighter duty engines that have high peak HP numbers but are useless at those ratings.

Underloading can be a problem but a 120-135 taxi/lorry rated diesel does just fine at 40 (2.5 GPH ) trawler crawling.

Best concept is to find the engines displacement and figure most can make 1 HP for each 3 Cubic inches and survive that loading long term..
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