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Trawler Shopping - Help

I there folks, I'm a new guy to this forum and taking a shot at my FIRST POST, I'm a little nervous so be gentle. I've been a sailor for about 50 years (oh my, I just added it up) and have had many sail and small motor boats in my life of toy acquisition. We are thinking about keeping a little pocket cruiser 26' sail boat and sticking a toe in the trawler world. I'm chartering a Maineship in Florida in 2 weeks and shopping this weekend. We'll be shopping our tails off in Florida for a month or so after 15 Dec. I've heard the "it depends on the care of the previous owner" concept and I get it totally. As I search the historical posts here, I see concerns about fuel tanks, window leaks, but little else that seems to be manufacturer-specific. The one we're going to look at has Detroit Diesels, 220 hp, 8.2 liters, no teak decks, low (maybe too low) unknown engine hours, and a nicely maintained boat. We're also looking at Heritage East, Albin, Sabreline, and Mainship. Anyone care to rank these in overall quality for a 35 - 40', sun deck, galley down trawler? Any issues with these boats out-of-production with out of business builders?

Thanks for any responses from you smart, experienced folks. Cpt. Dave
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