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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Hendo I'm kinda surprised at your "Marlin Board". I'd call it more of a hull extension myself but hey you're in OZ. You're doing something similar to what Gulfstar did. Extend the stern and leave the prop and rudder where they were. A stern extension is almost always better than a big swim step. In you're case it wouldn't take much effort to extend the prop shaft and install an appropriate "V" strut. For that matter moving the rudder aft is something you could do after dinner and only miss your favorite news program. You would have even more prop clearance and possibly open the door for a larger prop but I like the one you have. But moving the prop and rudder aft I'm quite sure will be a good thing. Need to get it all lined up well though.

Thanks for your reply Eric. Yeah look I just called it a Marlin Board mate, with no real basis of reason other than that's what I was reading about at the time and was looking at building before I got carried away and built what I built but I agree with your naming Being more like a hull extension.

The topic of prop shaft extension has popped up a few times in my time here. Can you help me understand how that would work please mate cause I'm struggling work out how I could do that without changing a whole heap of things. I've been looking at her and if i move the prop to far aft then she'll swing below the keel. I've also noticed that the rudder can only be adjusted so far without interfering with the seals. Not saying I couldn't cut and weld a shaft extension on the rudder stock to overcome that but that's something I was about.

If I move the whole unit aft to keep the clearance between the screw an rudder then the keel tunnel will be on the piss and need to be changed to ensure the shaft is straight.

Thanks to AXE's supporters and followers on here, I found out about the min clearance relationship between screw and hull thus ultimately saving my arse. Is there a similar relationship between the rudder and screw? Could the rudder move aft counteracting any drag the hull extension would make but leave the screw where she currently is? I then would be looking at having to enlarge the rudder because the water force passing over it from the screw would be less do to the increased spacing wouldn't i?

Not sure if the time and cost would be worth any change? What's your thoughts?

Appreciate your advice and help mate. Cheers
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