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Originally Posted by Moonstruck View Post
The Florida West Coast below the Panhandle doesn't get many hurricanes. In my experience the tidal surge is less that the East Coast or the Panhandle. Hurricane Charlie was a surprise in that it made an abrupt right turn crossing Little Captiva Island effectively cutting it in two. Then it went on the wreck havoc on Punta Gorda. This is not saying that it can't happen, but does so infrequently. The northwest side of the hurricane is where the tidal surge is usually the worst. Above the Franklin Lock on the Caloosahatchee is a great hurricane hole.
Very true. We've been very fortunate in that regard.
Charlie, Francis and Jean (IIRC?) were the three that came in back to back. I worked all three of those...

Then there was the No Name Storm that hit Pinellas County out of nowhere a few years back. Not a hurricane, but it did a good bit of damage because no one saw it coming, so no one was prepared.

There was Donna back in the 60's as I recall. I was a kid back then, but I recall some damage from it.

Most everything else seems to approach from the Atlantic side from about Daytona to Dade County, or skirt us all together, resulting in some tidal surge, wind and rain...and occasionally a few tornadoes.

FWIW, it seems the Panhandle (Panama City, Pensacola and the areas from the Big bend West, seem to be in the sights more than any place else from storms coming up the Gulf.

Just my buck fiddy...

I pray our luck and good fortune holds true.

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