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Terry you may find, as psneeld has already concluded, that you are SOL. Many short run specialty faucets farm out stem production to somebody else often copying existing designs. Some companies built it all in house and where in such limited use as to not be feasible for third party suppliers to stock.
Is the last best chance to get what you want but be prepared as their services do not come cheap. Bathroom Machineries is a small custom shop in Murphy's CA that I was shocked to find now has a website. They've been around forever and can most likely refit or recast and machine new stems for you. If you go this route send the entire faucet and they'll bench test it before shipping it back in brand new condition.

No business connection to these guys but I've used their stuff for two decades in high end restoration jobs and never disappointed. But like I said, they ain't cheap. If you can find a replacement faucet that you like as psneeld has it will be cheaper.

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