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Originally Posted by Pete37 View Post
Hi Chris,

Yes, we are aware of the lubrication problems. TwinDisc says we need to run the tranny 5 minutes in neutral for every 8 hours to keep them lubricated. That's not much of a problem. Our typical cruising speeds in this mode are 9 to 10 knots. Fast for a classic trawler but not a problem for the trannys. TwinDisc knows what speeds we are operating at and has no problem with them. Most Connies use the old MG5909 trannys which don't have dripless shaft seals.

I used to keep my boat on the South River a long time ago. Nice river. We keep our Connie at Piney Narrows Yacht Haven on Kent Island now under a covered slip. Covered slips are the greatest invention since sliced bread.

So far we haven't found any problems with free wheeling and everyone is loving the nearly 50% reduction in fuel consumption. Can't recommend it for all trannys though; we only know about TwinDisc trannys.


Yep, figured you had it all sorted. (And sometimes forums posts are also aimed at future readers.)

We're near the mouth of the River, easy access to the Bay... I know Piney Narrows, too, and learned much later that an uncle of mine used to keep his boat there long ago...

Cheers, -Chris
South River, Chesapeake Bay
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