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Baker Team, no doubt the process I'm sharing purchasing a used Nordhavn would be similar for anyone purchasing a used boat say above the 30' range. The intention of my post is only to provide a relatively short (three week) look into the process for those who may be new to this site or possibly getting ready to make purchase soon and can benefit from a real time example. Again, nothing special about this being a Nordhavn.

In reference to your comment about a broker doing most of what I wrote about, I'm not sure a broker can fill out a loan application, set up an LLC, and secure insurance. My broker in this purchase is Jeff Merrill of PAE Nordhavn whom we have known for 12 years, sold us our first two new builds, helped with a semi-custom designed Nordhavn which we decided against building earlier this year and located the boat we are in process of purchasing. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for us including surveying a number of boats on his own in different states prior to us flying out of state to see a boat. He is one of the most trustworthy and reliable sales representative / broker in the business and many people will agree. No disrespect to you / your company or other brokers but I think I'm in good hands.

One additional note for readers behind the sharing of our experience (as simple as we hope it is) is that this purchase is intended as an interim boat for a few years until I retire and we build / purchase or next boat for what we hope will be a multi-year excursion. We are using this purchase in part as a learning experience to help us decide which direction we will go on the next boat - new versus used after understanding all the benefits, trade-offs and costs. Again, we welcome all comments and opinions to help everyone learn a little more about boating.

John T.
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