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In Search of N3 - Update

Thanks to everyone who has responded both openly and directly to my original post. It appears I have been somewhat successful in generating some great discussion and sharing of opinions. I also learned a few things along the way. I'm very impressed with the camera set-up that Walt shared and plan to look into such a system in the future. This will not break my habit of hourly engine room checks since sound, smell and temperature can not be realized unless you are there in person.

A quick note on why I'm so hung up on engine room checks. Over the past few years of coastal cruising (average distance between ports on the west coast is about 60 miles) we had two instances where our frequent engine room checks prevented a bad situation from becoming worse. One was the beginning of the stuffing box to overheat rapidly. If not for both the inferred gun and hand touch this would not have ended with a simple adjustment and continuing our 10 hour cruise. The other was an exhaust leak from the dry stack exhaust system which was spotted through the window in the engine room door. Imagine if we were to have opened the salon floor hatches and all that exhaust went throughout the boat - not a good picture. Having the door with a window provided time for us discuss the potential problem, establish a plan and then execute the plan without incident.

Enough on engine rooms and back to our journey. Last week was busy finalizing the sea trial and out of water inspection. With the help from PAE we were fortunate to hire an inspector who specializes with Nordhavn's allowing for a short learning curve. Cost is around $17/ft plus oil samples for the size boat we are inspecting. Haul out costs are $280 which I'm responsible. Then there is the insurance amendment for the haul out, another few hundred dollars which the seller demanded I pay for. This cost may be something many people overlook. When we sold our second N40 I called the yard to confirm the level of insurance he had in case something really bad occurred during the haul out and found out the yard as well as most of the marina's in area carry very low limits on their coverage (keeps premiums low) thus the owner better have coverage. A call to my insurance broker confirmed my coverage did not include haul outs and I had to pay around $300 for a one time coverage. A lot of money for one day but did sleep better that night.

We also spoke with our attorney who assisted with our last two boat builds and discussed if another LLC was in order. Even though we will not be performing an off shore delivery and not taking the boat to Ensenada, Mexico (70 miles south) for one year to beat the state sales tax (ouch!) we decided to go with the LLC. The cost is around $2K and in our opinion worth it.

We also touched base with the bank (B of A) and found out that they are no longer lending on boats and planes. A quick call to the loan broker we used last time took care of this and we are back on track. This is a good time for a little more insight for those dreaming about buying their first boat. Even though we are looking at our third Nordhavn which are not the least expensive boat out there we are NOT wealthy. In fact I put us on the bottom of the typical Nordhavn owner wealth scale. We justify the cost of owning such a boat since we use it as a part time live aboard in San Diego where I work. 200 mile daily commutes from home can get old so we need a second place for a night or two during the week. Again, without going into details we do not plan to spend as much time aboard this boat as we did with the previous boats but it will serve multiple purposes.

Which marina to keep the boat at is a subject we are still debating. Unlike 2005 when we couldn't find a slip in San Diego, today there are plenty of slips available so we are taking our time to decide.

What to name the boat is another fun decision and something we have narrowed down to a few names but need to make a decision soon.

I think this covers most of the activity last week. The big day for us is next Thursday - sea trial and inspection. I will let you know how that went and the next steps in our adventure.

Thanks for everyone for their inputs!

John T.
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