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I just went through all of this.
See the thread here.... Batteries

Long story short, the wet cell setting is very similar to AGM charging profiles. I bought Sears Die Hard Group 31 Marine AGM batteries. Don't laugh, they are made by Odyssey and some of the best batteries on Earth. Odyssey sells them for around $375...Sears sells them for $260. Odyssey will tell you straight up they are the exact same battery. I have a Charles 80 amp Charger. Anyway, I called both Charles and Odyssey to get the voltage rates for the charger and the charging profiles for the batteries. The wet cell setting on the Charles was within the parameters of the Odyssey batteries. I was trying to find the link for "approved" chargers for charging Odyssey batteries but I can't seem to find it. It tells you the brand of charger that is approved and what setting to put it on. The Charles was on there and they said to set it on "Wet cell". The girl at Odyssey said that amperage is very important. AGMs need a good blast of power to desulfate. A weak charger may not be up to that task.

One of the beauties of the Charles Charger and Odyssey batteries???? that they are made right here in America and calling them and talking to an English speaking person that is friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgeable(and proud) of their product. All of the people I talked to at both companies were AWESOME!!!!
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