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Yea sure,

You need a pair of those Weaver things (hinges) to attach the near gunwale to the swim platform and then pull the dink up w a line to the other side.

If the Swim P is too high the dink will obliterate all visibility aft and possibly redirect some exhaust noise and fumes toward the boat. Wind may be an issue too.

If the swim P is too low the visibility will also be lost and lots of exhaust noise will be redirected (by the dink hull) into the aft cockpit. And the dinghy will be vulnerable to getting ripped away w big waves especially if it's longer than the transom is wide. The transom on the older Albins is narrow. And since the dink is low it will be vulnerable to getting damaged hitting pilings or floats while landing the boat. Something we do a lot of.

But the height of the swim P is basically determined by the freeboard of the dinghy you probably don't have much/any choice there. And in either case (and w my system) there is the additional vessel length issue for moorage.

But these problems seem to be tolerated by many as huge numbers of trawlers (especially small ones) are equipped this way. But/and if the fumes, noise and vulnerability don't become a very objectionable issue then your'e home free as is often said.

One could fall in the water retrieving the dink using the method I employed and it adds more overall length to the boat than the Weaver method.

The gunwale hinged dink on the SP is so easy to deploy and retrieve it's hard not to do it that way. The main reason I went to the horizontal spars was to get good visibility aft and keep the dink away from waves. It was a system I put together quickly for a trip to Alaska. And I mention it as it worked well.

Since the Weaver method is so very easy to use I'll say it's better for almost all small boats and especially at resale time. I may have been lucky to sell my Albin w the odd dinghy system. But now that I'm 73 instead of about 63 and if I had another Albin I'd prolly do the Weaver thing also.

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