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Originally Posted by fstbttms View Post
This will never happen. Thee EPA is not staffed to have an inspector come out and check every DIYer's work space in the yard, nor are they mandated to do so. The boatyard is a "point source" of water pollution and under the federal Clean Water Act, are responsible for the effluent they produce. This is why more and more yards are restricting DIY activities. And honestly, it's as much about lawsuits against yards by environmental watchdog groups (some legitimate, some not) as it is the EPA enforcing the law.
Actually just had some one PM me that a yard near them did swing back to DIY in a very restrictive area....after working a deal with the EPA and insurance companies they all saw the light of losing too much business in the long run.

I can see the writing on the wall here in NJ...a few yards have become very restrictive in what they will allow you to do and they are almost vacant....the more progressive marina owners are looking for that happy medium....yes comply but compromise.
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