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The little Albin 25 was light years ahead in engine noise and more. The engine is in a compartment (sound insulated). The compartment has a top (about 75% of the compartment) and a bottom. There is a rubber seal around the base of the top part and it hinges as does part of the cabin bulkhead .. to accommodate the eng com top to swing open. Anything that falls or drips off the engine goes into the bottom of the compartment and it is gel coated white on the inside. So cleaning is a snap and even very small engine parts can be clearly seen and reached. The compartment is air tight except for the 2 holes in the side of the engine beds that lead aft through the engine beds and beyond to the transom ... up the transom to the vents on the aft deck. All the air in the engine compartment comes through those two vents. Diesel smells inside the boat are greatly reduced and engine heat is kept mostly outside the boat.

Once you've had an A25 (built in Sweden) all other boats are something less. There is much else to admire in the A25 design too. If I sound like I wish I had my A25 back ..... there is more than a little truth in that.

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