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Originally Posted by N4061 View Post
I would strongly suggest touching base with the Nordhavn Office in Dana Point California and request a list of factory changes between both boats. There were a number of improvements made during the production run including the type of materials used on the fuel and water tanks. Some of these changes alone are worth searching for a newer boats. Regarding Paravans versus Active Fins Stabilizers, I strongly suggest you take your time and investigate the pros and cons of both. Finally I would suggest you dig deep and really understand how you plan to use the boat and if the N46 is the right boat for you. Best of luck

John T. (N4050 & N4061 - former owner looking for N3)
Thanks for the info. I will contact the Dana Point office and find out the differences.

Are you suggesting the N46 is not the right boat for what we want to do? I see you lived on N40s for some time so I value your input.
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