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Originally Posted by SeaHorse II View Post
While cruising the Sea of Cortez quite a few years ago, I made friends with a gentleman and his wife that had a Nordy 46. It had the wing engine, stabilizer fish, great electronics, etc. and was a most impressive & salty looking boat. Were I a long distance cruiser at that time I would have had one. The reality, though, was that I commuted to San Carlos, Mexico by air and was not a long distance cruiser but rather I was a died in the wool "gunkholer." As such, I found the interior of the N46 to be quite small, chopped up and not conducive to the full enjoyment I sought when cruising in warm water areas. (swimming, diving, fishing, etc.) The cockpit was too small, on deck space was limited by all the rigging the boat has, etc.

The N46 is probably the first truly recreational blue water trawler that was marketed as such and is a very strong & capable boat. It's not for everyone, however, and it would be very wise to separate your dreams from reality when buying a boat. In other words, what do you really (honestly) expect to do with the boat?
Good points. I will be the fist to admit I am looking at too much of a blue water boat for our initial cruising plans. I can honestly see us going to the Bahamas for a few weeks in June. We have chartered there and really liked it. I can also see me and a buddy crossing the Gulf from Texas to Florida weather permitting to get to the Bahamas. The Caribbean may be pie in the sky dreaming, but I hope not. Same with the Panama Canal trip to the west coast. I doubt I will ever cross the Atlantic.

So I would call it semi realistic dreaming...

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