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I am ignoring the electronics, and especially the Globalstar sat phone. These will be replaced sooner or later regardless of which boat you choose.

You fail to mention stabilizers on either boat. That is a $30,000 to $40,000 item.

Two items stand out. The older boat has both a wing engine and hydraulic bow and stern thrusters. Both of these are desirable items on a Nordhavn. I can't tell whether you are an East Coast or West Coast boater. A 46 ft Nordhavn would not be the optimal choice for using as a coastal cruiser. Nordhavns are built for open water not marina hopping on the Atlantic ICW. If you are planning to frequent the Bahamas, Caribbean or cross the Atlantic the wing engine moves up to the realm of near necessity, or at least peace of mine. If you are planning on going into marinas the hydraulic bow and stern thrusters (versus and electric bow thruster) will be the joy of your life.

Can't tell which would be a better investment (a boat as an investment?).

Already mentioned is the necessity on checking the wing engine for use. If it hasn't been used it might be useless. I, like others with wing engines, regularly use mine even if only to charge the batteries.

The older boat you are looking at appears to be at the bottom of the price range for the Nordhavn 46s, and is 25% less than the others on Yachtworld. It will always sell for less. However in ten years it will be a 34 year old boat versus the newer one which will then be a 25 year old boat. Will buyers consider that a difference at that time?

Good luck, I doubt if you can go wrong on this choice.

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