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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
I'm still looking for a boat. Been looking for awhile. Flip Flopped many times. I started looking at cheaper boats, but now I'm trying to look for my "second boat" first.

I've found a couple of "older" Nordhavn 46s, and I need some help comparing if anyone is interested:

Nordhavn 1:

1989 Hull #1

Lugger 143 hp with 5300 hours 8kw Northern Lightes genset with 2500 hrs
Amidships Master layout with guest cabin forward
Hydraulic bow and stern thrusters
Wing engine
Electronics mostly updated around 2007-2008
Sat phone
SSB radio
Helm Chair
Two new compressors 2008

Electronics pkg:
SIMRAD AP2622 Auto Pilot with AC20, RPU160, RFC36 Rate Compass and RF300 Rudder ref. (NEW 2008) Interconnected to New C120 Chart Plotter.
Nobeltec AIS 100 Receiver with SeaCAS Antenna. Integrated with C 120 Radar and Chart Plotter.
Raytheon RG425 Chart plotter
Raytheon C120 Chart Plotter and RD424 4Kw Rdar 24 Radome, (NEW 2007). Navionics XL3 CF Gold East Coast USA, Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, Spain and al Mediterranean countries.
Globalstar satellite telephone
Standard load hailer(2) GPS's - Garman and Raytheon w/ Interface cables for PC
ICOM SSB radio
ICOM VHF radio
Raytheon VHF Radio (MMSI) (NEW 2008)
5 in. Ritchie compass
Weather fax
406 E.P.I.R.B. (2) (new 2007)
(2) Depth sounders - Datamarine and Raytheon ST60 speed and depth/sea temp. (NEW 2007)
Rudder angle indicator

about $100k less than the following boat:

1998 Nordhavn 46 Hull #59

Lugger 143 HP with 2600 hours 8kw Northern Lights with 1600 hours
Better engine rooom access and room due to no wing engine
Master forward with guest cabin amidships
Electric bow thruster
No wing engine
Original (1998) electronics
No helm chair
No sat phone
All new a/c systems installed 2008 (never had a/c-- was a west coast boat)

electronics pkg
Furuno SSB Transceiver Model 1502
Furuno GPS Plotter 1810
Furuno Front Radar GaAs Fet Front End 8-tone daylight display (64 mile)
Furuno Color Fish Finder/depth FCV-600L
Furuno GPS Navigator
Simrad Auto Pilot AP20 with hand held remote
Icon IC M504 VHF Radio
B&G Network Depth/ Speed/Wind
Seahail Loudspeaker with communications speaker in aft cockpit
Ritchie 6 Compass

Both boats are one owner boats in good condition. The older boat is not quite as nice as the newer one, but not too much difference cosmetically. Gel coat good on both, interior more worn on older boat.

I really can't compare the electronics packages very well due to not enough experience, but the older boat's electronics are newer. Any ideas here?

My main struggle/confusion is the wing engine. The cheaper boat has the wing engine, which I really like the idea of, except that it really, really clogs up the already kind of small engine room. Do I even need this wing engine? I see Dashew gave up on the wing engine to reduce complexity and instead went with a sail set up to get him home. Why couldn't a junk sail rig be rigged up for emergencies for downwind sailing, but maybe there is not enough way to rig enough sail area... Seems like the extra shaft and prop sticking out unprotected on the get home could be an issue. Steering issues? Pros and cons on the wing engine idea?

I like the older (cheaper) boat with the wing engine better, but I do worry about the age of the boat a little. Is a 100K savings over the 9 year age difference (assuming both equally well maintained) sound about right? I tend to be a cheap ass, and I don't want that trait to lead me to the wrong decision.

Was there anything "wrong" on the earlier boats that should make me lean towards the "newer" boat? The galley is arranged a little funky on the 1898, but it's not too terrible IMO.

I plan to own the boat at least 7-10 years and then may sell it. Will resale be wildly different from the 100k price difference now? In other words, will the more expensive boat depreciate quicker than the older, cheaper boat? Or vice versa?

Plan to cruise the Gulf of Mexico initially, then the Caribbean and hopefully through the canal eventually to the Pacific side of Costa Rica (have friends there). Is either boat more suitable for my planned cruising? If I want to go to the Mediterranean the older boat has 220v capability, but I don't actually think that will happen. ;-)

What else do I need to look at on my comparison?

Thanks for the help.......
Think in percentages when dealing with price. $100k is a lot of difference on a $400k purchase (25%), but not so much on an $800k boat (12.5%). For 25% savings I would purchase the older vessel.
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