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RE: washer / dryer

charles wrote:

Here is our experience. Traveling as opposed to staying on brd at the dock, for 6-7 mos at a time for the past 4 yrs we would NOT have a washer and dryer.
Clearly, there are two different schools of thought expressed here.* It's a bit like, single or twin, chain or rode, planing or displacement.* Each one of us has preferences for how we use our boat, and I expect those preferences* evolve as we gain more experience with our particular models and cruising lifestyle.* Deciding how comfortable one is going to the shore side laundromat on some regular schedule would seem to be a major factor in this decision, in addition to things like water capacity, electrical capacity, and storage capacity.* In our case, our small home type units do a pretty good job, but certainly not as good as a laundromat. The trade off is not having to haul large loads up the dock. Here in Alaska, it rains a lot, dock carts are not always available, and the laundromats may be a mile or more away.* Now that I think about it, I really should get more exercise, perhaps I'm missing something here...........Arctic Traveller *

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