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RE: washer / dryer

"When we go into a marina it is easier to go to a laundramat and use 4 washers at ONE time and get it done as opposed to spending all day doing laundry on brd in a small washer and dryer."

This is our experience too.

Many towns have the laundromat near enough to a food store that multitasking is EZ.

2 big Maytag's or Wascomat's will do the equal of 12 Splendide loads in 20 min
AND the Wascomats will have 3 rinses so the clothes loose the soap smell.

Drying in 4 dryers at a time will reduce the time to a bit over 1/2 hour.

So an hour total every two weeks makes up for at least a dozen tiny loads and 2 dozen long drying events from the tiny on board systems.

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