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RE: Comments of a Jefferson please


Yes the boat I looked at is the boat you are*referring*to. The seller took it off the market for possibly one or 2 reasons. He stated he wanted to use the boat a couple more months but I think it's possible the broker told him to wait for a better price. Anyway, I guess it's for sale, but I doubt the seller is motivated.
The boat has been owned by the present owner for 2 years and with the exception of the hull paint I don't think he has done much to it. It has a mish mash of electronics on the bridge, several duplications, some don't work and nothing recent. The autopilot is broke but the seller claims it just needs a part. The bottom was painted 6 months ago, but it appears it hasn't been cleaned since then. The interior is in good shape, but again there is nothing extra on the boat except I believe a 10 disc CD changer and player. The interior looked good but the exterior is as described above. All the other 40 Jeff's on the internet looked better, at least in the pictures.
Interesting your comment about the appeal of this boat. This never*occurred*to me. If I make an offer I will keep in mind the limited appeal of this boat.
Thanks John.
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