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Originally Posted by jwnall View Post
*I doubt most trawlers could sail well enough in any specific direction...but making landfall from an engine failure would be possible.

*Um, I suppose that anything is possible, if the wind and currents cooperate. The relatively small amount of sail area, plus the lack of a keel (at least on my trawler anyway) makes it pretty iffy, though. Just mulling the question over, running a forestay from the top of the mast down to a bow cleat and rigging up a makeshift jib might help.

Not really out of line...I can see where some people might think that...but it's true of why sailboats have engines...sailing to a specific destination while all but in a few cases is possible/ engine puts it into the realm of realistic least one with some sort of schedule With a meager sail and the right direction even a trawler without a keel can sail downing/broad reach possibly against a decent current also.

As I can rig a thousand ways...with a difter sail or cruising don't even need a forestay...especially without a keel as the chances of going to windward are slim.
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