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Really hard to steal a dink held up in davits every night.

On shore Da Bronx system Show Sh*t is easiest.

Chew up the outboard cover , and paint the outboard lower unit to look like it was assembled from used parts.

Patch a condom boat with visible , not very fine workmanship .

Paint the boats name on the dink sides , floorboards and motor cover.

Use a good long cable (20ft +) and key lock.

The key lock is easier to operate in the dark after a couple, the long cable gets the boat away from a crowded dink pile , so harder to just jump into.

Good luck, tho with these (and other ) techniques I managed to cruise the Carib with a 13ft Boston Whaler and 18 Evinrude for a couple of years , and still have my dink .
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