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Originally Posted by LaBomba View Post
We had a dingy and a Seadoo stolen last weekend in our marina. 3 am apparently...
Sorry to hear that, LaBomba. We had our restaurant broken into a few weeks ago in the early morning hours. It's a hell of a feeling to awake to, no?

Good advice from all, and thank you. I think VSS is mostly wondering how one secures the dinghy from threats if one takes it in from mooring. Do most ports have a relatively safe place to which to tie and lock the boat ashore?

(This is, I'm sure, one of those really newbie questions which one might expect from absolute novices such as ourselves).

I think the 'don't have the newest/best' suggestion has a lot of merit, Phil. A little like our neighborhood now. We live in a mountain/resort area with a lot of second homes. We never worry about being broken into because, in an area like this, are you going to hit the house with lights on and dogs barking or the one where the owners haven't shown up in months?
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