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Yes, she has been built in Langkawi in 2007 and had only 270 hours on the engine when I bought her in Langkawi .
I still have to work on many upgrades but it seems that it is the story of many boat owners : fixes, repairs, upgrades, refits..
It is true that people here are willing to help and are very kind but you must be very precise in your request, better have drawings and be there to avoid errors, there is very little yacht culture nor knowledge (or it is at a high price tag).
I am on a budget so I try to do many things myself, it is also the best way to know your boat in details.
Sometime it is difficult to make technical choices, like for the hydraulic system, the local specialist recommend to use all flexible hoses , it is indeed the easiest and least expansive but I believe that SS piping, at least for a part of the installation, would be neater and better.
Well it seems that it will not be that easy to get everything together...
Also I don't understand well the distribution model, very few info on the internet price may vary widely and ebay is not popular. So far ordering direct from china good quality parts has been the easiest.
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