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Newbies in every sense of the word...

Good Day, All,

My wife, VeniceSeaShell (she will undoubtedly be joining soon as well), and I, have been lurking around this excellent site for some weeks now.

In the last 6 weeks or so we have begun taking steps to downsize our lives and transition to a full time live-aboard lifestyle. We are in the bare beginnings of this transition and are, in the truest sense of the word, newbies. We know little about boats other than we love them. My greatest experiences are limited to racing hobie-cats on Lake Michigan in high school and my grandfather's lake-bound ski boat. My wife's first hand experience includes a trip in a rented two-man dinghy along the coast of Catalina island while eight months pregnant and a week-long cruise aboard a Carnival behemoth. She has taken to reading everything she can get ahold of and our Kindle cloud is now consumed with books about on-board living, both in dock and at sea.

We have gained much insight from our reading here, and I want to thank everyone for the breadth of the knowledge contained on this site. I probably would have continued lurking for awhile but I read a rather excellent suggestion from one of the members regarding the wealth of information available in the archives. To wit, they said something to the effect that the previous eight years of posting were going to be more valuable than the next eight years because many subjects had been covered ad nauseum before and veteran members were reluctant to recommit themselves to these topics.

So, this brings me to my question: how does one access the archive? Every time I try, both before and after registering, the 'archive' link takes me to a site map that seems to cover the present but not so much the past. Am I incorrect about this? Is the archive simply set up in such a way that it mimics the current site? Even when I try to alter the web address to /archive it redirects me to the site map.

Again, many thanks to all that have contributed to the forums that we've had the opportunity to peruse. I'm certain that, as we gain more knowledge, we will both begin jumping in and asking more questions.

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