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Have twin 6.354 Perkins, no turbo's, 130 hp, Borg Warner Velvet Drive trannys. If I'm not in a hurry, we will routinely run on one engine, with no adverse affect on engines or tranny's.

On one engine at 2200, we're running 7.5 knots. Boat handles well on a single engine and we usually swap engines after about 2 hours, just to keep the hours close and make sure the tranny bearings are lubed up. (Borg Warner’s recommendation??)

The big advantages are the security that twins offer. I have never been towed or adrift with a dead engine in over 35 years with this boat. But I've towed a dozen single engine boats in that predicament. The boat is much quieter running on one engine. Yet you can fire up the second engine and run up to 11 knots if the weather gets bad or want to get there a little quicker. Maneuvering while docking or in tight places is a big advantage with twins. Fuel economy while cruising may be a little less running on one engine, but to me it's not a consideration. We spend a lot of time fishing, idling one engine, which is definitely more economical than idling two engines.

There is nothing cheap about boating, it's an expensive hobby If your prime consideration is ecconomy then maybe a power boat is not a good choice.
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