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skipperdude wrote:

If you were to take an average of boats 25 to 30 years old. I am sure you will find my comments hold true.
This is true if you*are basing your average on*all boats that are 25 or 30 years old.* Because in that "all boats" are going to be a ton of*cheaply made Chris Crafts and Bayliners and Glastrons and all sorts of semi-stamped-out production boats that were aimed at a market that wanted a boat but didn't have much money to put toward one.* That's a huge market, and where there's a market**that big*there will be a lot of companies*competing*to supply it.* So you make a cheap boat that gets the folks out on the water a few times a year and everyone's happy.

The person who I think started this discussion is interested in a trawler.* By their nature, trawler-type boats tend to be more substantial and better built.* So while I have no quarrel with the notion that a neglected trawler of any make can be a disaster and run through a person's entire boating budget before even leaving the dock, I dont' think it's a rule of thumb*assumption that an old trawler will be a headache just because it's old.* It can be, but it's just as likely not to be.* It will all depend on how it was treated all these years.* I believe this applies to CHBs and Island Gypsies and Puget Trawlers and Mainships and Marine Traders*every bit as much as it applies to Grand Banks, Krogen, and Hatteras.
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