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Newbie Here

*********You own a Grand banks. A boat by which standards are set. I did not mean to imply that all old boats are cause for concern. As stated there are exceptions to every rule. If you were to take an average of boats 25 to 30 years old. I am sure you will find my comments hold true.The exceptions being boats built to standards not adheared to by many boat yards. If you buy an older GB. by rights you have something you can count on, by its proven reputation. What about the thousands of other boats out there by hundreds of names. that have come and gone Boats that are mass produced Of questionable methods as well as experimentation. and just poor design. Planned obsolence. My comments are ment to educate not deride a boat buyer. Or owner of older boats. I stand by my statement that old boats cost more to own than newer boats on the average.
****** I have an old boat. 1974 But I have rebuilt it from the roof to the deck. *All systems have been repaired or replaced. Now I basicly have a new boat.** I found what I was looking for a sound hull and engine the rest I replaced I am talking from the wireing to the toilet. It has taken me 6+ years and I have lost track of the money spent. It has been a labor of love and as a close friend owns a boat yard I have *had access to many used but perfectly servicable components for the refit. I know old boats.
Most boat buyers will not have the resources That I have had. *Let the buyer be ware.* an old boat can be a hole in the water.

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