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RE: Newbie Here

I don't disagree with your comments as they pertain to an old boat that has been neglected.* They can indeed be nightmares and horror stories.

What I don't agree with is the oft-held perception that ALL old boats are automatically like this and will automatically require a ton of money to be put right.* I, and I'm sure a lot of people on this forum, know plenty of people who bought an old boat and have had an experience virtually identical to the boating experience enjoyed by* people who bought newer boats.

A large number of the participants on the Grand Banks Owners forum own GBs made prior the middle of 1973.* So not only are they old, they are made out of--- horror of horrors--- wood.* And yet to read the maintenance discussions, apart from the issues dealing specifically with wood maintenance or repair, the experiences and problems the woody owners are dealing with are no different than what the rest of us deal with, even the owners of GBs made in the 1990s and 2000s.* And contrary to popular opinion, the woody owners are using and enjoying their boats as much--- if not more if they are retired and have the time--- than the rest of us.* They are not spending every waking hour in the yard or trying to patch things together and keep the thing afloat and running.

Pointing out the potential pitfalls that can be present in an older boat is one thing.* Saying or implying that all old boats are automatically more expensive to own is misleading because it's simply not true.* A boat buyer, however, has to be aware, or hire someone to be aware for him, of what to look for to make sure that they don't buy an older boat which, through disuse, neglect, or poor maintenance and operation, will prove to be a money pit.
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