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Newbie Here

To respond to your comments. There is an exception that proves the rules you have been fortunate. As this thread was on a new boat buyer, I thought it appropo to educate a new buyer about old boats. there's just no getting around the fact that old boats are big problems unless they're really something exceptional. But old boats are not exceptional, they're usually just old. Most people who buy them do so because they can't qualify for a loan on something better. If you take a tour of some lower end boat yards you will find dozens of boats whose owners have gotten in way over there heads There you will see boats with owners being buried by an avalanch of pending repairs and maintenance, but can't afford the enormous cost involved. These are boats nearing the end of there economic life and are soon to pass over the horizon.
When dealing with old boats, we have to figure that every thing that can, will go wrong, and it will in spades. Remember Murphy? What about O'Tools law He's the guy who thought Murphy was overly optimistic. What works today is broken tomorrow. What the surveyor failed to see yesterday is glaringly obvious today. Everything not seen or tested is going to cost a fortune to repair.
Behind the rust and under the paint and under the sludge there are Aligators just waiting to take your whole arm off.
If you find one that has gone thru a refit things can be as good or better than new. the trouble is most old boats are just that old boats. The old saying goe's "I have an old boat and nothing works on it but me"

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