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Boat selection opinions

I started a thread 2 weeks ago seeking your opinions about trawlers in the 34 to 36 ft range and got many replies. After doing some research and reading and digesting your replies here is what I've come up with.

In the order I consider most important:
<ul>[*]34 to 36 ft seems to fit my comfort range and price range: One couple on possible extended cruises (big loop) in the under $75,000 range.[*]Popular boat and configuration, easy to turn over[*]Single diesel engine[*]Generator with AC[*]Little or no exterior teak[*]Walk through transom[*]Island bed configuration in the master stateroom.[/list]Keeping the above in mind as much as possible the #1 boat that probably best fits all the criteria is the 34' Mainship. It does not have the island bed but rather a V berth which I hate, but buying a boat is a compromise. There are many to choose from and they were built in 3 configurations, the only difference being the size of the main saloon and cockpit area.

Another boat that closely meets the above criteria, is slightly larger and more expensive is the 36ft Marine Trader Sundeck. It's unique in that its the only Marine Trander without lots of exterior teak and teak decks. It has no walk through transome but does meet all the other critera nicely and is a little bigger. It is however more difficult to find and is probably the least common of the 36ft Marine Traders. I could find only 3 listed on the east coast, all well north of FL. I have read of some quality issues with Marine Traders, especially the early ones with teak decks so a good marine survey would be a must.

3 other boats that are close in configuration to the 36' Marine Trader Sundeck are the 35' Present Sundeck, 35' Senator Futura Sundeck and the 35 ft Chien HWA aft cabin. These last 3 boats are not common on the west coast of FL and could be a resale issue.

Anybody care to comment

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