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No I'm not an expert.
Which gears are they?

Have you carefully checked the guage wiring, ALL of it?

Are there any other signs such as slippage or revs picking up with boat speed loss.
Have you checked the gear operating temperature? In most cases should not be over ~ 180F, better between 120 - 150F but T.D can confirm.

Which oil are you using? Should be a 30 or a 40 wgt HD engine oil, NOT a multigrade. The wrong oil can be trouble.

How are you checking the pressure? If you are simply using the electric guage then try a good quality mechanical guage at the same place and see what it says. You will need one with a range of at least 500 lbs - 1,000lbs but don't go past that too much or you will lose too much accuracy.
These gears often reach up to 320 or more psi thus the minimum 500 lb rating so you don't monkey the guage.


There should be other ports for checking the clutches specifically as they are operated. For that you will need the manual from T.D. to get the locations.

Double check that you do indeed have a potential problem before going too much farther. It could be the pressure guage going away.
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