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Because of my fuel feed problems last summer and evential engine shut down I'm thinking of a new system and generally I like yours. I would have gone to the bottom draw but only several years ago (on my previous boat) I had an accidental leak and the full tank of fuel wound up in the bilge. I was worried someone kick the fuel outlet w a foot or somth'in and I'd have a big dump and a bilge full of fuel.

I have sump tubes from the the top now. Never had any water or air that I know of getting into the primary fuel filter (Racor). But the sump draws fuel from a point 1" above the bottom and perhaps "crud" could roll around on the bottom of the tank for a long time w/o being pumped through the system. With your system theoretically any "crud" would promptly be run through the filters including water. The crud, sludge and water could be monitored as often as necessary and withdrawn from the filter or filters. This would keep sludge from forming because all the water and sludge material would be purged when there was only a very small amount. Basically you'd turn your fuel delivery system into a fuel polishing system.

I think I'd switch the pump and F1. Basically putting the 2 fuel connections on F1 on the pressure side to minimize the possibility of air being drawn in. Looks like I could use most of my existing system too.
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