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Trawlers 101 - Part II

"Also the maint in terms of cost or time is not far off .. nowhere near double."

While the fuel cost wont be double the maint time and co$t sure will.

2x the stuffing boxes ,props & shafts out where they are very unprotected

2x the oil changes , water pumps , seacocks, filters , head bolts to torque , 2 starters and alternators to maintain, double the engine instruments , control cables.

To get the picture , just remember what you did in the past , and double it.

And remember the limited space of a packed* full Hell Hole is far slower for most normal* maint .

Not pointed out is the idea that a single may be of better base stock , and the loading more in line with the Mfg 24/7 requirements.

And a single CPP (for efficiency) is half the cost of a pair.



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