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I agree w Brooksie at this point re the temp issues. Now there is as far as I know two common marine engines that have chronic overheating problems. Is there any more problematic engines?

Mark you should get your governor adjusted for 2600 (approx or a bit higher) so you can test run your engine for proper loading. You should know that your prop is limiting your max eng rpm (in gear) and not your governor. Get the governor adjusted and then adjust your prop to a WOT eng speed of 2500rpm. Then set your cruise to something a bit less than max cont power as defined by JD. Please consider this just a suggestion and from a friend ... not an engineer.

After thinking about this a bit I think perhaps you should pass this over the desk of a JD engineer or equivalent. Judging by your wake in your pics you're obviously running the Coot fairly hard and considering your post you MAY ... just MAY be running only 200rpm down from max WOT rpm (2400). You don't know. Only 200 down may be running too hard depending on how your engine is rated. Max WOT rpm COULD be 2700 free of the effect of the governor . You don't know because your governor won't let you find out as it stops your engine from going faster than 2400rpm. You'd be 200 rpm under propped in that case and in that example you would not be over propped at all. But you could be running good rpm and be underloaded ... but next to impossible for you to be underloaded making as much wake as you do. I'd sure want to know.

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