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Trawlers 101 - Part II

I think Eric made a lot of excellent points about the realities of comparing boats. There are so many variables in boating, not only in the boats but in how people want to use them, that trying to establish "definitions" or make blanket statements about configurations, characteristics, etc. is pretty futile. We managed to stretch a discussion about the definitions of "sedan" and "europa" out to some eight pages with nobody conceding that anyone else was correct. To make definitive fuel burn claims for twins, or define the requirements for a galley, or imply that a twin is automaticalliy easier to maneuver than a single are over-simplifications that don't necessarily help out the person new to boating. They will soon find that there are so many exceptions to the "rules" that they'll either get totally confused or start to wonder why they paid any attention to the rules in the first place.

So thank you Eric, for pointing out that nothing--- particularly in boating--- is ever as simple and straightforward as we might wish it to be.

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